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We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Dr Emilia Decker, Digital Research Analyst in the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) at Southern Cross University (SCU) to our team of eResearch Analysts.

Emilia’s longstanding fascination with data began during her ecoacoustics-focused PhD, which involved collecting and managing large acoustic datasets aligned with FAIR principles.

As an experienced Digital Research Analyst, Emilia actively assists researchers at the crossroads of research and computing by offering guidance tailored to their unique needs. She’s also a certified Carpentries Instructor who’s committed to knowledge-sharing through in-person and online training sessions, seminars and workshops.

Emilia’s enthusiasm for collaborative multi-stakeholder projects in research, training and data management means she’s really looking forward to working with QCIF as the Southern Cross University’s representative to improve digital literacy across Australian Universities.

Fun fact: Emilia once crawled on her belly through the Indonesian tropical forest to get a glimpse at a blue tree monitor (animal not object!)

You can contact Emilia at