Our mission is to accelerate and strengthen innovation throughout Queensland research and business through broad-based and effective application of high-performance computing, large-scale data management and regional, national, and international collaboration.

Service Spotlight: Apollo

QCIF and Australian BioCommons have launched an Apollo platform for use by researchers working on Australian-based genome projects. This will enable collaborative, real-time genome annotation editing through a Web-browser.


A new imaging data tool launched for Australian researchers

A new imaging tool to assist Australian researchers in processing cryogenic electron microscopy data was launched earlier this month.  

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QCIF develops a secure data analysis environment

A secure data analysis environment is being tested and is expected to go live in early 2023. 

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New national GPU service goes live

Australian researchers can now access high-end cloud computing power on the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud via the new National GPU Service.

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