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Our people

Management Team

John Bancroft

Chief Executive Officer
Email john.bancroft@qcif.edu.au

Dr Dominique (Dom) Gorse
Director: QCIF Bioinformatics
Email d.gorse@qcif.edu.au
Stephen Bird
Manager: Shared Infrastructure Services
Email stephen.bird@qcif.edu.au
Troy Lockett
Manager: Business Development & Communications
Email troy.lockett@qcif.edu.au
Phone +61 7 3365 7534
Mobile +61 4 0232 1906
Dr Mark Crowe
Manager: Skills Development
Email mark.crowe@qcif.edu.au
Dr Jeff Christiansen
Program Manager: Associate Director of Engagements and Operations—Australian BioCommons
Email jeff.christiansen@qcif.edu.au
Nigel Ward
Nigel Ward
Associate Director of Platforms—Australian BioCommons
Email nigel.ward@qcif.edu.au
Joy Byrne
Business Manager
Email business-manager@qcif.edu.au
Shannon Lindsay
Senior Communications Officer
Email shannon.lindsay@qcif.edu.au
Janine Chalmers
Janine Chalmers
Project and Team Support Officer
Email janine.chalmers@qcif.edu.au

QCIF Bioinformatics team

Dr Dominique Gorse

Director, Data Scientist

Dr Anne Bernard

Head of Biostatistics

Kathy Dallest

Senior Health Informatician

Dr Gareth Price

Head of Computational Biology

Valentine Murigneux


Dr Tiffanie Nelson

Research Community Engagement

Dr Igor Makunin

Senior Bioinformatician

Dr Farah Zahir


Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Ryan

Senior Biostatistician

Nick Rhodes

Database and Systems Administrator

Justin Scott


Nicholas (Nicko) Matigian

Biostatistician and Bioinformatician

Michael Thang

Computational Biologist

Dr Ahmed Mehdi
Dr Ahmed Mehdi

Senior Biostatistician

eResearch Analysts

Our team of eResearch Analysts are research support professionals embedded within our Member institutions. The eResearch Analysts provide mentoring, coaching and training to local researchers.

See our eResearch Analyst webpage for more information about the eResearch Analyst at your university.