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General enquiries

Email: enquiries@qcif.edu.au
Ph: +61 7 3365 7534

eResearch Analysts

The University of Queensland

Dr David Green
ph: +61 7 3346 6635
email: david.green@uq.edu.au


David is a QCIF eResearch Analyst and HPC Manager at The University of Queensland’s Research Computing Centre. He has long been using computers to “figure stuff out” and enjoys working with researchers to help them do the same. He was an academic in the Applied Physics and Computer Systems departments at the University of Technology, Sydney for almost 15 years. He has worked in research computing support roles at UQ since 2007.
Dr Marlies Hankel
ph: +61 7 3346 3996
mob: +61 4 0426 2445
email: m.hankel@uq.edu.au


Marlies is a QCIF eResearch Analyst and researcher. She has over ten years’ experience in high performance computing and cluster management. Her research interests include Quantum Dynamics and Computational Nanotechnology. Her main roles include looking after UQ’s HPC cluster users and QCIF’s partner share at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI). If you are interested in obtaining computational time at the national compute facilities, please contact Marlies.

Queensland University of Technology

Craig Windell
ph: +61 7 3138 6017
email: c.windell@qut.edu.au


Craig is the QCIF eResearch Analyst at QUT. Craig is an IT professional with many years of experience at QUT assisting and supporting researchers to understand and use IT systems. He has performed a number of IT roles from desktop support, system administrating and system design. He has worked within QUT’s Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering, Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, ITS and more recently in cloud computing development and operations for the Visualisation and eResearch Group.

Griffith University

Amanda Miotto
ph: +61 7 3735 4697
email: a.miotto@griffith.edu.au

Amanda is the QCIF eResearch Analyst at Griffith University. She has worked at Griffith as an eResearch Support Specialist for the past nine years, initially as a bioinformatician, then as a software developer and technical resource on various projects, and more recently as an analyst for groups such as Compounds Australia and Innovations in Health Technology. Griffith researchers are welcome to ask Amanda for help in areas such as Python and R coding, high performance computing, scientific workflows, solution design or general data science questions.


Jason Bell
ph: +61 7 4930 9229
mob: +61 4 0963 0897
email: j.bell@cqu.edu.au


Jason is a QCIF eResearch Analyst at CQU. He provides high performance computing support and technical advice to CQU researchers. Jason’s research interests include video collaboration/conferencing tools, nonlinear optimisation, evolutionary algorithms, high performance computing, distributed and parallel computing, and robotics.

James Cook University

Dr Stefano Montanari
ph: +61 7 4781 3199
email: stefano.montanari1@jcu.edu.au 

Stefano is the QCIF eResearch Analyst at James Cook University. He is an eResearch Specialist at JCU’s eResearch Centre, with a particular interest in blockchain and decentralised ledgers. He completed his BSc, Honours and PhD in Marine Biology all at JCU, and was previously an aquarist at the university’s Division of Tropical Environments and Societies. Stefano will assist in the promotion and support of QCIF services to JCU researchers, including research computing, the technical side of data management, and digital skills training.

University of Southern Queensland

Dr Francis Gacenga
ph: +61 7 3470 4560
mob: +61 4 7707 2707
email: francis.gacenga@usq.edu.au


Francis is a QCIF eResearch Analyst and Manager (eResearch) at USQ. He is responsible for research computing service delivery, user support and training. He is an IT service management specialist with decades of experience working in government, industry and academia in computer programming, systems administration, teaching and research. Please contact Francis for research data management, storage and HPC access, support and training.

QCIF Bioinformatics team

Dr Dominique Gorse

Director, Data Scientist

Dr Anne Bernard

Head of Biostatistics

Kathy Dallest

Senior Health Informatician

Dr Gareth Price

Head of Computational Biology

Valentine Murigneux


Dr Tiffanie Nelson

Research Community Engagement

Dr Igor Makunin

Senior Bioinformatician

Dr Farah Zahir


Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Ryan

Senior Biostatistician

Nick Rhodes

Database and Systems Administrator

Justin Scott


Nicholas (Nicko) Matigian

Biostatistician and Bioinformatician

Michael Thang

Computational Biologist

Management and Governance

Management Team

QCIF is managed by an experienced team:

John Bancroft John Bancroft
Chief Executive Officer
Email: john.bancroft@qcif.edu.au
Phone: +61 7 3365 7274
Mobile: +61 4 0795 8592
Dr Dominique (Dom) Gorse
Director: QCIF Bioinformatics
Email: d.gorse@qcif.edu.au
Phone: +61 7 3346 2624
Mobile: +61 4 3165 6780
Stephen Bird Stephen Bird
Manager: Shared Infrastructure Services
Email: stephen.bird@qcif.edu.au
Mobile: +61 4 3835 5299
Troy Lockett Troy Lockett
Manager: Business Development & Communications
Email: troy.lockett@qcif.edu.au
Phone: +61 7 3365 7534
Mobile: +61 4 0232 1906
Mark Crowe Dr Mark Crowe
Manager: Skills Development
Email: mark.crowe@qcif.edu.au
Mobile: +61 4 3433 1588
Dr Jeff Christiansen Dr Jeff Christiansen
Program Manager: Associate Director of Engagements and Operations—Australian BioCommons
Email: jeff.christiansen@qcif.edu.au
Mobile: +61 4 6874 0880
nigel ward Nigel Ward
Associate Director of Platforms—Australian BioCommons
Email: nigel.ward@qcif.edu.au
Phone: +61 7 3346 4216
Mobile: +61 4 1423 4040
Joy Byrne Joy Byrne
Business Manager
Email: business-manager@qcif.edu.au
Phone: +61 7 3365 7570
shannon lindsay qcifweb Shannon Lindsay
Senior Communications Officer
Email: shannon.lindsay@qcif.edu.au
Mobile: +61 4 2052 4392


Board of Directors

Ian Smith Professor Ian Smith (chairperson) — Monash
Ian is Vice-Provost (Research & Research Infrastructure) at Monash University, playing a university-wide leadership role, with responsibilities for research strategy, infrastructure and alliances. He has a background in both industry and research and is a leader in his field of medical research. He is a board director and chair of a number of national and international senior government and non-government advisory boards and committees, many with a strong industry focus. He also serves on a number of international editorial boards and holds or has held office-bearing positions in national and international societies, helping organise numerous national and international scientific meetings. Ian’s unique background in business and research drives his passion to get entrepreneurs and industry collaborating and using university research capabilities to innovate. 
Linda O’Brien Adjunct Professor Linda O’Brien (independent non-executive director) — Griffith
Linda has returned to the QCIF board — she was previously its longest-serving member. She stepped down in 2017 following her Griffith University promotion to Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of the Logan Campus, a role she left in early 2020. She has previously held executive information and technology (CIO) roles across a number of universities and is currently an Adjunct Professor and Executive in Residence at the Griffith Business School. Linda is committed to strengthening community partnerships to advance research and translate research into practise, and to positioning Queensland as an innovative and resilient region. She is engaged in a number of international and national initiatives aimed at leveraging innovative information technologies to make data, in all its forms, and research outputs FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). She is currently Chair of the ORCID board and Deputy Chair elect of Infoxchange. She was formerly on the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing board, a member of the NCRIS eResearch Advisory Committee, the Australasian Open Access Advisory Committee executive and chair of the Open Data Institute Australia.
  Professor Joe Shapter — UQ 
Joe joined the University of Queensland in February 2018 as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure). He received his PhD in Reaction Dynamics from the University of Toronto in 1990. He subsequently held an NSERC Fellowship at The University of Western Ontario before moving to Australia in 1996 to take up a position at Flinders University. Joe served as Dean of the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences for six-and-a-half years and headed the Flinders involvement in both the Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF) and the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) and was SA Director for AMMRF. His major interests are in the area of novel nanomaterial production, nanometer scale of these materials and their applications in, for example, sensors or solar cells.
Professor Matt Bellgard — QUT
Matt joined QUT in 2018 as its inaugural eResearch Director. Prior to this, he spent more than 12 years as Director of WA’s Centre for Comparative Genomics. He has also served as Director of iVEC@Murdoch, a facility that housed Australia’s second largest computer, and as Project Director of the Nectar National Research Cloud in Western Australia (2014–2015). He is currently co-leading development of digital infrastructure for funded collaborative research in adaptive platform trials that are of particular relevance for rapidly evaluating new therapies. This activity critically relies on quality health data linkage, patient engagement and reliable secure digital platforms that can operate across jurisdictions and health stakeholder business units. His scientific work has resulted in developments in the areas of pairwise sequence alignment and artificial intelligence, human genomics, bacterial bioinformatics, whole genome analysis and annotation for a range of species, as well as eResearch across a range of disciplines.
Professor Andrew Smith — Griffith
Andrew is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Science) at Griffith University, and was appointed in November 2016. He has served as Dean of Applied Sciences at RMIT University since 2010 and in the recent interim as Deputy Dean Research & Innovation in the School of Science. He also serves on the executive of the Australian Council of Deans of Science. He graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Surrey, U.K., in 1985 and completed his PhD at Southampton University in 1989. He joined the University of Sussex as a research fellow before being appointed to the faculty as a lecturer in 1993 and becoming Professor in 2002. He went on to serve successively at Sussex, as Director of Graduate Studies for Life Sciences, Head of Chemistry, and Head of the first joint Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, before joining RMIT.
andrew-krockenberger-web Professor Andrew Krockenberger — JCU
Andrew is Dean of Research at James Cook University, with responsibilities in development of JCU’s research environment, excellence and relevance. He has particular responsibility for strategic direction and operational performance of core research infrastructure. He graduated with a PhD in Zoology from University of Sydney in 1994, receiving an Eleanor Sophia Wood Post-Doctoral Fellowship, and has worked in research and teaching at UNSW, University of Washington and JCU, with extensive experience in ecophysiology in laboratory and field. Appointed Dean of Research at JCU in 2013, he has been strongly involved in development of JCU’s analytical and experimental facilities and field stations, particularly the Daintree Rainforest Observatory, completed in 2014. Prof. Krockenberger is a Director of QCIF and serves on the Advisory Board for the Terrestrial Environmental Research Network (TERN).
Professor John Bell — USQ
John is Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) at the University of Southern Queensland. His responsibilities include the implementation of the USQ Research Plan, managing research programs, partnerships and investments, driving research performance and supporting research staff and students to achieve excellence. John joined USQ in August 2019 following 25 years at QUT as Head of the School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering (2012–2019), and as Assistant Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering (2001–2011). John has a long history of association with Cooperative Research Centres, having been a program leader in both the Australian CRC for Renewable Energy (1996–2001), and in the CRC for Construction Innovation (2002–2004), and a Director of the CRC for Railway Innovation (2008–2010) and the CRC for Integrated Engineering Asset Management (2012–2013). His research career covers nanotechnology and new materials development, materials for energy efficiency, conversion and storage.
roy pidgeon Mr Roy Pidgeon — CQU
Roy is Chief Information and Digital Officer at CQUniversity. His responsibilities include delivering real business and technical solutions for the whole of the university’s activities in learning, teaching, research and corporate functions. He focuses on establishing innovation culture through effective partnerships with stakeholders and improving customer engagement, service delivery, governance and management of technology applications and solutions. Roy first joined CQUniversity in 2008 as Associate Director of Infrastructure Services and Support. Prior to that he was IT Director at Charles Darwin University from 2003–2008.
Roland De Marco Professor Roland De Marco — USC
Roland became USC’s Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) in January 2011, and its Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) in January 2016. He has a background in Chemistry and Physics research, and has worked in these fields at CSIRO, the University of Tasmania and Curtin University. His time at the latter culminated in the role of Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research Strategy), which he eventually left for USC. He continues research in the field of electrochemical surface and interface analysis, electrochemical sensors and energy materials, and has procured more than $15.6 million in competitive research funding and has published more than 150 refereed publications in the field. He is on the boards of the Innovation Centre Sunshine CoastRegional Development Australia Sunshine Coast and the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE). He is also on various committees for the Australian Synchrotron (ANSTO).