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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

QCIF is an innovative, economical and trusted service enabling researchers to access large-scale cloud computing, data storage and data collections, as well as training and consulting services to facilitate research and collaboration.

QCIF provides multi-tiered membership to research organisations, government and industry to enable better access to services to support research without the need to independently invest in expensive infrastructure and resources.

Benefits of QCIF Membership include:

  • Access to on-demand computation

  • Access to specialised and high-performance compute services

  • Guaranteed allocation of in-person and online digital skills training

  • Secure data storage and access control

  • Simplified sharing of data and resources with collaborators worldwide

  • Access to data collections shared by other researchers, institutions, government and industry

  • Accessing, creating and running online digital research services

  • Access to bioinformaticians and statisticians to assist with every stage of the research lifecycle

  • Access to skilled eResearch Analysts for help and support.

QCIF's tiered Membership structure

QCIF’s tiered membership structure enables both large and small organisations to take full advantage of the services leading research institutions have come to expect, without the need to manage considerable CAPEX and OPEX budgets.

QCIF can assist organisations seeking to utilise R&D tax benefits to fund research.

QCIF can provide:

  • Assistance with grant funding structures and application

  • Customised digital skills training

  • Software tools and development services

  • Specialised compute and integrated data storage

  • Access to a network of research organisations

  • Domain specialist advice.

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