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eResearch Analysts

eResearch Analysts

The heart of the Skills Development group is our team of eResearch Analysts — research support professionals embedded within our Member institutions. 


Our eResearch Analyst team has a wealth of experience in data-intensive research and research computing support. All are dedicated to helping our Members’ staff and students make the best use of technology to improve their research outcomes. 


The eResearch Analysts provide mentoring, coaching and training to researchers from their host institutions. They each have a broad range of skills to achieve this, along with the capability to call on the knowledge of the whole Skills Development team and the rest of QCIF when this can deliver a better outcome for the researcher.


QCIF’s eResearch Analysts work alongside institutional colleagues in research computing, libraries and IT. In this way, they are fully informed to advise researchers on the most appropriate resources available, be they within their host institution, through QCIF, or through national schemes. 


“It was fantastic to receive support from knowledgeable analysts willing to enable innovative ideas and enhance user expertise.”

— Cesar Herrera Acosta, Coastal Ecology PhD student, JCU

“[The QCIF eResearch Analyst] saved us a lot of time and confusion, enabling us to get on with our research.”

— Bruen Smith, Mechatronic Research Engineer, USQ

Contact Us

Please contact your local eResearch Analyst for any questions about QCIF and to learn how they can support your research.

The University of Queensland


Dr David Green

ph +61 7 3346 6635

David is a QCIF eResearch Analyst and HPC Manager at The University of Queensland’s Research Computing Centre. He has long been using computers to “figure stuff out” and enjoys working with researchers to help them do the same. He was an academic in the Applied Physics and Computer Systems departments at the University of Technology, Sydney for almost 15 years. He has worked in research computing support roles at UQ since 2007.


Dr Marlies Hankel

ph +61 7 3365 4138

Marlies is a QCIF eResearch Analyst and researcher. She has over ten years’ experience in high performance computing and cluster management. Her research interests include Quantum Dynamics and Computational Nanotechnology. Her main roles include looking after UQ’s HPC cluster users and QCIF’s partner share at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI). If you are interested in obtaining computational time at the national compute facilities, please contact Marlies.

Queensland University of Technology 


Craig Windell

ph +61 7 3138 6017

Craig is the QCIF eResearch Analyst at QUT. Craig is an IT professional with many years of experience at QUT assisting and supporting researchers to understand and use IT systems. He has performed a number of IT roles from desktop support, system administrating and system design. He has worked within QUT’s Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering, Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, ITS and more recently in cloud computing development and operations for the Visualisation and eResearch Group.

Griffith University


Isaac Jennings

ph +61 7 3735 6668

Isaac is a QCIF eResearch Analyst at Griffith University. Prior to joining Griffith, he worked in various roles within the Department of Defence and as a defence contractor. Isaac has a strong background in data science and is currently completing a Master’s in Computer Science. Feel free to ask him any questions about programming, high-performance computing, UX/UI, or anything else eResearch- or technology-related. If he doesn’t know the answer, he will know someone who does!



Jason Bell

Jason is a QCIF eResearch Analyst at CQU. He provides high-performance computing support and technical advice to CQU researchers. Jason’s research interests include video collaboration/conferencing tools, nonlinear optimisation, evolutionary algorithms, high-performance computing, distributed and parallel computing, and robotics.


Billy Kenzler

Billy is a QCIF eResearch Analyst at CQU. He has been a hardware enthusiast for more than a decade and has been supporting CQU professionally from the IT Help Desk since 2019. He provides researchers with general IT support and solutions, assistance with managing and storing their data and accessing CQU’s HPC Marie Curie. He is responsible for promoting dedicated research storage, HPC solutions and QCIF services to researchers. His research interests include high-performance computing, network security and advancements in computing hardware.

James Cook University


Pauline Lawrey

Pauline is a QCIF eResearch Analyst at James Cook University. She has worked as an IT professional in the private sector for more than 20 years and most recently has been doing project work with the JCU eResearch Centre. She has skills in a variety of programming languages, including Python, Bash, and JavaScript, and has experience with research data transformation, access and transfer. Pauline will assist in the promotion and support of QCIF services to JCU researchers, including research computing, the technical side of data management, and digital skills training. Ask her about anything to do with eResearch, and if she doesn’t know she will try to find someone who does.


Dr Erin Graham

Erin joins Pauline as a QCIF eResearch Analyst at James Cook University. Alongside Pauline, she is responsible for raising awareness about the availability of QCIF infrastructure and cloud computing services for researchers and assisting researchers with their use. Erin started her career in IT before completing a PhD degree in Marine Biology at JCU and working as a postdoc for JCU’s eResearch Centre. She has experience in R and Python programming, is a long-term user of high-performance computing, and has familiarity with a wide range of statistical modelling, GIS and remote sensing techniques.

University of Southern Queensland


Richard Young

Richard is the temporary QCIF eResearch Analyst at UniSQ. He joined QCIF in early 2023. His main roles include providing support for high-performance computing and technical advice to UniSQ researchers. In his 25 years at UniSQ, Richard has had various positions from computing laboratory manager to data centre manager. He has interests in high-performance computing, improving research usage of a HPC, and improving data storage and management. Please contact Richard for advice about research data management, data storage, research computing, support and digital skills training.

University of the Sunshine Coast


Dr Delaney Burnard

Delaney is a QCIF eResearch Analyst at UniSC, where she provides support to researchers in the STEM and cyber infrastructure space and hosts Hacky Hour every Wednesday. 

Prior to her transition into professional roles, she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, using genomics combined with medical microbiology to further understand complex bacterial infections and aspects of their antimicrobial resistance, virulence, transmission and pathogenesis. 

Delaney assists with the bioinformatics, biostatistics and biodata advisory service provided for researchers from QCIF Member institutions, including USC. As a Software Carpentries instructor, Delaney’s experience is also put to good use by helping other researchers upskill in this area.

Southern Cross University


Dr Emilia Decker

As an experienced Digital Research Analyst, Emilia is dedicated to assisting researchers at the crossroads of research and computing by offering guidance tailored to their unique needs. She's also a certified Carpentries Instructor who is committed to knowledge sharing through in-person and online training sessions, seminars and workshops. 

Emilia's enthusiasm for collaborative multi-stakeholder projects in research, training and data management means she's really looking forward to working with QCIF as the Southern Cross University's representative to improve digital literacy across Australian Universities. 

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