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Dr Marlies Hankel


High-performance computing expert Dr Marlies Hankel has shifted from part-time to full-time this year in her QCIF eResearch Analyst role. 

Marlies is stepping down from her lecturing and research role at The University of Queensland to focus on helping other researchers reach their goals with technology.

Marlies is seconded to QCIF through her position at UQ’s Research Computing Centre. She has been promoted at RCC to Senior Development and Consultation Manager.

“I am passionate about teaching and I will use this opportunity to focus on providing access to training and skills development for QCIF Member researchers and to pass on as much of my own knowledge and experience as I can,” said Marlies.

QCIF Skills Development Manager Dr Mark Crowe said Marlies has a strong track record as a researcher and brings extensive expertise in HPC-use to QCIF’s eResearch Analyst team.

“She is keen to support and train researchers to take full advantage of research computing technologies. We are delighted she has chosen to share these skills and enthusiasm with QCIF Member researchers in a full-time capacity,” said Mark. 

At QCIF, Marlies’ main tasks include looking after UQ’s HPC cluster users and QCIF’s partner share at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI). Marlies provides advice and support to researchers applying to access HPC resources at NCI and the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.

She also regularly attends UQ’s weekly Hacky Hour to provide HPC support to researchers.

Last year, as well as her QCIF and RCC work, Marlies lectured first-year mathematics at UQ and conducted research within the Australian Institute for Bioengineering Nanotechnology (AIBN).