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Course Catalogue

Training Courses

QCIF offers a wide range of short format training in programming, data science, bioinformatics, data management, and other research computing applications. Most of our courses are delivered as live, online workshops via Zoom, with a small number of face to face sessions.

For regular updates on our upcoming courses, please subscribe to our mailing list. Or contact us for any other training questions.

Programming / Software Carpentry

Introduction to Unix

This workshop will help you get started with using Unix and the command line interface.

Data Processing And Statistics

Statistical Comparisons using SPSS

A guide to basic hypothesis testing. Learn about correlation, categorical and continuous data, and comparisons between groups.

Data Processing And Statistics

Exploring and Predicting Using Linear Regression in R

Discover how to build a better understanding of the statistical relationships within your data

Programming / Software Carpentry

Introduction to Programming: R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis

A novice programmers guide to the R software environment, a powerful, popular and free statistical and graphical programming language.

Data Sharing And Reproducibility, Surveys And Data Management

Data Capture and Management with REDCap

Our series of modular REDCap training workshops.

Programming / Software Carpentry

Introduction to Programming: Plotting and Programming with Python

An introduction to the Python scripting environment. Learn about basic programming concepts and how to automate analysis for improved reproducibility and productivity.

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