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Case Studies

Case Studies

29 August 2022

QCIF biostatistician supports hospital catheter research

A QCIF biostatistician has played a key role in helping Sunshine Coast University Hospital researchers get their research paper, which looks at the relationship between urinary catheters and infections, published in an international journal.

8 November 2021

QCIF biostatistics support gets paper across the line

A longitudinal study evaluating the effectiveness of Evolve Therapeutic Services, a Queensland mental health service for Indigenous and non-Indigenous children and adolescents in care, was published in a peer review journal with the help of a QCIF biostatistician.

21 December 2021

QCIF enhances global coral data portal

QCIF has played a key role in ensuring Australia’s global CoralWatch citizen science platform is user friendly for both scientists and non-scientists alike. QCIF’s Software Solutions team customised the Atlas of Living Australia’s BioCollect field data collection platform as a replacement for CoralWatch.

20 April 2021

USC researcher creates database for crustacean genomics

Acknowledging the growing interest in the genomics of crustaceans to assist the aquaculture industry, a USC researcher has created an online database that allows researchers to look up crustacean gene expression across tissues and life stages and enables them to upload their own data sets.

21 December 2021

Don’t lose sleep over your research — enlist QCIF’s help!

A research paper comparing over-the-counter sleep monitors with polysomnography, the gold-standard measurement of sleep, was published in a peer review journal with the help of a QCIF biostatistician.

26 August 2020

QCIF bridges the gap between researchers and QLD Govt

A University of Queensland research team is using state government bridge data, stored in QCIF’s cloud computer, to develop a new computational tool for automated generation of bridge information and analysis models. UQ project lead Dr Joe Gattas said the tool will enable more information to be available for quicker and closer bridge analysis.

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