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About Our Training

QCIF’s training program offers a catalogue of nearly 40 different courses, providing convenient and frequent access to upskilling opportunities in the most in-demand research computing topics, including programming, statistics, data management and bioinformatics.

Our practical, hands-on courses, mostly lasting one to two days, run frequently throughout the year. They are delivered by a team of certified instructors and subject matter experts drawn from within QCIF and collaborations with specialists at our Member universities. We also partner with other training organisations across Australia to provide the widest possible range of high-quality training to our researchers.

QCIF is a founder member of the Australian Carpentries Consortium, a national partnership with The Carpentries, the highly-regarded international coding and data science training community. Through this, we provide not only technical training to researchers but also instructor training opportunities for staff from our Member universities.

To keep updated about all our training activities, please subscribe to our mailing list. Or contact us with your training questions.

Fees and Training Packages

All of our training is free to staff and research students at our Member universities

We welcome participants from other institutions for most of our workshops, with discounted rates available for bulk purchases of training places. We also offer dedicated in-house workshops, either from our standard range or customised for your needs. Please contact for more information about training packages.

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