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Software Solutions

QCIF’s Software Solutions team provides a comprehensive range of software development and integration services to support research conducted at QCIF’s Member universities, national research institutions and facilities, government departments and corporations, and industry.

QCIF’s Software Solutions team consists of software engineers, business analysts and project management professionals, as well as metadata and system integration specialists. 

The team can assist researchers by converting research into Proof of Concept as part of a path towards commercialisation.  

The team can rapidly scope and cost client projects and use Agile or blended methodologies to deliver project outcomes that meet expectations of quality, time and budget. 

QCIF provides managed hosting of software platforms either on QCIF’s own secure cloud infrastructure or using commercial public cloud infrastructure, while integrating with other institutional systems, including identity management. This provides customers with a managed solution as an alternative to on-premise self-management, or in-cloud self-management, thus reducing customer costs and administration overheads.

The Software Solutions team provide expertise in:

Software Project Activities

  • Metadata and research data management expertise
  • Systems integration and testing
  • Proof of concept development
  • Software platform hosting
  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Project management

Software Development Skills and Technology

  • Server side: Python, JavaScript (Node.js), Java (Spring and Grails)
  • Client side: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Angular and Sails)
  • Databasing: SQL (PostgreSQL and MySQL), Mongo
  • Cloud computing: Nectar, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Terraform
  • and many other contemporary technologies.

Data Management

ReDBox logo

ReDBox 2.0 is an open-source research data management platform that assists researchers and institutions to plan, create and publish their research data assets. 

ReDBox 2.0 helps data custodians to meet institutional data management policies, applying  the requirements of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, and publishing to Research Data Australia. 

QCIF leads the ReDBox 2.0 development initiative and provides support services to subscribing institutions and the ReDBox community. 

Find out more about ReDBox on our Data Management webpage.