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QCIF Bioinformatics (formerly QFAB) is a QCIF unit providing access to specialised skills in bioinformatics, biostatistics and biodata to help life sciences and health researchers get the most out of their research data.

QCIF Bioinformatics support covers the whole data life cycle, from experimental design to data capture, analysis and visualisation, applied to ‘omics analyses. In particular, QCIF Bioinformatics has expertise in multi-omics integration, including linkage to clinical data.

Researchers and HDR students from QCIF’s member universities can access the QCIF Bioinformatics’ team’s skills through free clinics for advice, on-demand support for research projects or embedded bioinformaticians within their research teams.

QCIF Bioinformatics also offers training in all facets of bioinformatics.

Visit the QFAB website for more information:


Crown of thorns starfish; Acanthaster planci" by Marine Explorer is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Building better genome browsers

QCIF Bioinformatics is developing a scalable genome browser and interactive repository for UQ.

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QCIF takes Carpentries membership to top tier

QCIF has upgraded its membership of The Carpentries from silver to platinum level.

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USC becomes a full QCIF Member

USC has become a full QCIF Member, enabling its researchers greater access to QCIF’s resources and services.