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Through the ARDC Environments to Accelerate Machine Learning-Based Discovery project, QCIF is pleased to offer our members places on a range of Machine Learning and Visualisation workshops delivered by specialists from Monash University.

This workshop explores how data visualisation techniques can be utilised to better understand data and to communicate research efforts and outcomes. The workshop covers a broad range of techniques from simple and static 2D graphics to advanced 3D visualisations in order to provide a broad overview of the tools available for data analysis, presentation and storytelling.

We explore, among others, animated charts and graphs, web visualisation tools such as scrollytellers, and the possibilities of 3D, interactive, and even immersive visualisations. We use real world, concrete examples along the way in order to tangibly illustrate how these visualisations can be created and how viewers perceive and interact with them. We also introduce the various tools and skill sets you would need to be proficient at presenting your data to the world.

By the conclusion of this workshop, you would gain familiarity with the various possibilities for presenting your own research data and outcomes. You would have a more intuitive under standing of the strengths and weaknesses of various modes of data visualisation and storytelling, and would have a starting point to obtain the right skill sets relevant to developing your visualisations of choice.

Places for this workshop are very limited and only available to researchers from QCIF member institutions; please use this form to apply. Please note, we expect demand to be high and may not be able to offer places to all applicants. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

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