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R Shiny is a popular R package that allows you to transform complex analytics into powerful, user-friendly interactive visualisation tools.

In this workshop we will provide an introduction to R Shiny, and how you can use it to create web apps, and more interactive data visualisations. We will go over how to build a basic Shiny application, and cover the best practices and resources when approaching Shiny.

Recommended Participants

Attendees must have a good knowledge of the basic concepts and techniques of R and previous experience working in RStudio – attendance at one of QCIF’s “Introduction to Programming: R for Reproducible Scientific Research” workshops is suitable background.

Learning Objectives

  • Create and run your first R Shiny app based on real data
  • Build a user interface (UI) and server function of the app
  • Add control widgets such as dropdown menu and radio buttons
  • Display reactive output such as graphs and tables
  • Update a theme
  • Share your apps


  • Introduction to Shiny package
  • Basic app structure – user interface (UI) and server
  • Widget options in Shiny
  • Reactive output options in Shiny
  • Generating high-quality apps
  • Options for hosting the apps

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