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Brought to you in partnership by QCIF and EcoCommons, the platform of choice to analyse and model ecological and environmental problems, this ecoEd workshop is designed specifically for ecologists and environmental scientists wanting to expand their skill sets in data analysis and visualisation in R.

More environmental data is being generated than ever before, and as such, researchers need access to powerful tools to analyse and interpret outcomes for effective data-driven science. Led by domain experts and technical experts, this workshop will take you through the basics of R in the specific context of ecology. You will write code to manipulate, analyse and visualise data using various popular R packages, and explore integration with databases.

This workshop will also introduce you to the Atlas of Living Australia’s galah package, which enables the R community to directly access biodiversity data and resources hosted by the ALA. This workshop uses the internationally accepted Data Carpentry framework, which upskills researchers in foundational skills to work effectively and reproducibly with data and code.

Recommended Participants

No programming experience is required, however, attendees must have a good understanding of basic ecological and environmental science concepts.

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