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We’ve fully updated and restructured our REDCap training into a series of short convenient training modules. These range from an introduction for complete beginners with REDCap to survey customisation and security management – join for all of them or dip in and out as you need. This update is so new we’re still writing the descriptions, but we’ll release further details here as quickly as we can!

Recommended Participants

Clinical, translational and health service researchers, health service managers, research managers and others wanting to learn about the capabilities of REDCap.

REDCap 101: Getting Started with REDCap

  • What is REDCap – an introduction
  • The REDCap subject interface and filling in surveys
  • Accessing, working with, and exporting survey data

REDCap 102: Creating Projects

  • Logging on to REDCap
  • Creating projects and instruments
  • Moving projects to production
  • Exporting data and creating reports

REDCap 201: Advanced Project Management

  • Using surveys in your project
  • Advanced form development
  • Longitudinal studies
  • User rights and permissions

REDCap 202: Finalising and Running a Clinical Trial

  • Automated survey invitations
  • Importing data
  • Randomisation
  • Record locking and E-signatures
  • REDCap mobile app
  • Using the API
  • Clinical trials

Upcoming workshops

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