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This workshop prepares participants to work with Linux file systems, text editors, the command line and graphical environments, and to learn how to manage files and basic shell scripting. Developed by the eResearch team at the University of Southern Queensland and now being opened to researchers from all QCIF institutions.

This hands-on Introduction to Linux is a 3-hour workshop for users starting to work with the Linux operating system. It provides a starting point for researchers looking to automate their analysis pipelines and increase throughput using Linux servers, High Performance Computing, Remote Server and Virtual Machine environments.

Places for this workshop are very limited and only available to researchers from QCIF member institutions; please use this form to apply (USQ staff and students, please follow the direct registration link). Please note, we expect demand to be high and may not be able to offer places to all applicants.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to work with the command line
  • Navigate files and directories
  • Create files and directories
  • Learn basic shell scripting

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