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Genome Assembly Using Galaxy

This workshop will cover the concepts of de novo assembly and initial annotation of a genome from short-read NGS data. You will be introduced to the widely-used de novo assembly pipeline, including quality checking, trimming, concepts of filtering, concepts of annotation and use a selection of tools to identify genomic features of interest.

The workshop will be based in Galaxy, a platform that provides a simple and user-friendly interface to bioinformatics tools.

Recommended Participants

Biologists and bioinformaticians interested in genome sequencing and the assembly process, particularly for bacteria. No prior bioinformatics knowledge is required.

Learning Objectives
  • Perform QC evaluation and filtering on next-generation sequencing data

  • Carry out a bacterial genome assembly using the Galaxy interface

  • Generate preliminary annotation data for a bacterial genome sequence

  • Use comparative genomics approaches to identify large genomic insertions and deletions

  • Tools and workflows of de novo genome assembly

  • Online resources for bacterial genome annotation

  • Identifying genomic features of interest, including insertions, deletions and duplications

  • Use of the Galaxy platform for genome analysis

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