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Making your data FAIR helps improve the visibility of your research and encourages collaborations and citations. Learn more about FAIR data principles in this short workshop, developed by the eResearch team at the University of Southern Queensland and now being opened to researchers from all QCIF institutions.

Making your Research Data FAIR is a 3-hour workshop aimed at introducing researchers to FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) principles. During the workshop researchers will reflect on reasons for making their research data FAIR and self-assess on how FAIR their research data is and then learn about resources available for researchers to make their data FAIR.

Places for this workshop are very limited and only available to researchers from QCIF member institutions; please use this form to apply (USQ staff and students, please follow the direct registration link). Please note, we expect demand to be high and may not be able to offer places to all applicants.

Learning Objectives

  • Obtain references of FAIR principles literature
  • Understanding the goal of the FAIR principles
  • Jargon busting
  • Interdisciplinary open discussion about FAIR principles

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