Peter Marendy joined QCIF in October 2021 as Head of Data Services.

The Data Services team is an expansion of QCIF’s BioData activities into other research domains, such as health, with a broader scope including the provision of managed services, such as platforms for sensitive data, as well as the development of dashboards and specialised research data portals.

Peter has 20 years of software engineering experience across multiple domains in research and innovation environments.

He joined QCIF from CSIRO where he was Research Team Leader of its Microsystems team for 3.5 years and prior to that, a Senior Engineer for almost 11 years.

Before joining CSIRO, Peter worked at QCIF Member James Cook University, at first as a Computer Systems Officer in the Information Technology and Resources Office, and later as a Project Officer in its high-performance computing division. In the latter role, Peter collaborated with QCIF to provide researchers with web-based access to bioinformatics packages on grid-enabled computing infrastructure.

Research Interests

  • Computer Science


  • Peter is working on a PhD part-time and remotely in Computer Science with the University of Tasmania
  • Graduate Certificate of Research from the University of Tasmania
  • Bachelor of Computing (Honours) from James Cook University.