Prior to joining QCIF as a Computational Biologist in 2014, Mike held positions at the University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey (2009–2010) and at Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2011–2013). 

He brings expertise in handling and analysing both microarray and next generation sequencing with various tools and programming languages. He is fascinated by tackling genomic data with interdisciplinary knowledge.  He is also interested in regulation of miRNA in apoptotic pathways.  

At QCIF, Mike has extended his skills in developing tools for Galaxy Australia and utilising open-source tools to analyse metagenomic, methylation, genome annotation, gene expression and plant genomic data.    

Research Interests 

  • Bioinformatic pipelines and workflows integration for analysing genomic data 
  • Metagenomic Analysis 
  • Developing new tools for Galaxy Australia 
  • Small RNA regulation of apoptosis-related genes in Hepatocarcinoma Cells 
  • Analysis and interpretation of genomic data generated from Next Generation Sequencing platform 


  • MSc in Bioinformatics, John Hopkins University, 2008