Dr Gareth Price is Head of Computational Biology at QCIF Bioinformatics. Gareth has 20 years’ experience as a Bioinformatician and Genomics Scientist. His expertise spans experimental design, assay performance, data quality control, data analysis and data interpretation, involving a variety of model organisms from microorganisms, fruit flies, mice to humans as well as non-model organisms with limited genome information.

In his role, Gareth manages the diverse spectrum of researcher-led questions involving life science data, provides training in genomic data analysis, as well as leading Galaxy Australia as Service Manager. 


  • PhD in site-directed mutagenesis and protein Chemistry: structural and functional analysis of the Mixed Lineage Kinase 2 (University of Melbourne).
  • More than 10 years’ experience in running laboratories utilising microarray and NGS technologies to address a variety of human and human pathogen related conditions.