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QCIF logo


QCIF is proud to reveal its new logo.

From 1 October, we’ll steadily roll out the new logo and associated branding. 

As well as a new main logo, we now have sub-brands for QCIF’s four service units: Bioinformatics, Skills Development, Software Solutions and QRIScloud. 

QCIF CEO John Bancroft said the icon in the main logo could be interpreted in a number of ways. 

“To some, it looks like a magnifying glass or torch — signifying the ‘search’ part of ‘research’ — to others it could be a motor to drive industry. 

“Some of our staff think it looks like a Circos plot, a method of visualising data and information. The different line thicknesses in the icon represent data.”

John said the service unit sub-brands will help showcase what QCIF has to offer. 

“The use of sub-branding enables QCIF’s business groups to better communicate their services to our member and partner organisations, whether they be in research or government.

“QCIF is adapting its services to provide better value for both current member universities and prospective new members.”

If you would like to share your own thoughts about QCIF’s new logo, please contact