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The University of Canberra has chosen QCIF-managed ReDBox (Research Data Box) as its online research data management platform of choice.  

ReDBox 2.0 will be rolled out at the University of Canberra (UC) over the coming weeks. The university has opted for an annual subscription. 

Dr Anesh Nair, Manager of Research Ethics, Integrity and Biosafety at UC, said the university recently set out to optimise the way it manages research data. 

“Of all the platform options available in the market, we found ReDBox to be the ideal platform that provides an easy-to-use tool that will greatly assist our researchers in drafting their research data management plans,” said Dr Nair. 

“We see ReDBox assisting our researchers greatly in helping them plan and manage their data throughout the lifecycle of their research data. It will enable them to map out how they will handle their data and also think about provisioning storage and linking data objects to the research project metadata. This will lead to decreased risk of data loss or misuse and enable our researchers to carry out good research practice, thus ensuring integrity and quality of data.  

“The institution will also benefit from having an overview of where our research data is stored and will allow us to ensure it is handled appropriately, especially in instances when researchers leave UC.” 

QCIF’s Software Solutions team has customised ReDBox 2.0 for UC, including integrating it into its IT systems and applying institutional branding.  

“The ability to customise was definitely a big factor in our decision,” said Dr Nair. “It was important that any tool or system we went with was able to integrate with our current research management system, HR system and IT storage options.  

“ReDBox’s ability to provide customisable forms, workflows and system integration will allow researchers to create a research data management plan for them that aligns with the university’s data management policy and guidelines, as well as request data storage for their projects in any of our UC-approved storage options.” 

QCIF’s Software Solutions team will provide the university with ongoing technical expertise to manage and support the platform. 

Many universities are putting research data management policies and plans in place as a result of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2018, which states institutions and researchers have research data management obligations to fulfill. 

Also, some national and international research funding bodies require a formal data management plan.  

UC has recently updated its existing data management policy and procedure, and drafted data handling guidelines to help its researchers, whilst also providing tools, such as ReDBox, to enable them to carry out this work.  

For further information about ReDBox, please contact QCIF Business Development and Communications Manager Troy Lockett.