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QCIF has become a member of Women in Technology (WiT), one of Australia’s largest communities that support women across all fields of science and technology.   

WiT is a not-for-profit organisation offering career development and networking opportunities forwomen in STEM regardless of their career stage. 

QCIF became a WiT member to give QCIF staff access to joining the organisation at no personal cost. 

QCIF CEO Sach Jayasinghe said QCIF is delighted to become a member of Women in Technology. “This organisation has had and continues to have a profound impact in providing opportunities for and celebrating the achievements of women in STEM,” said Sach.

“The ongoing advocacy is paramount as Australia still needs significant improvement on STEM participation by women. QCIF has several talented women of STEM as practitioners of data science and eResearch, and no doubt our membership with Women in Technology will provide them an opportunity to connect, participate and grow.” 

QCIF Senior Health Informatician Kathy Dallest has been a member of WiT for many years. “I would like to encourage anyone in science and technology to join. WiT is a fantastic, diverse and dynamic organisation. I have learnt a lot, met many great people, and had fun on the journey,” said Kathy. 

“There is no commitment required and members can register to attend events or training or apply for courses (some are free and some have a cost). There are committees set up for specific topics and issues and anyone who is interested and wants to volunteer can, there’s no pressure.” 

You don’t need to be a woman to join WiT. As WiT says on its website: “We welcome everyone who supports our mission to advance, connect and empower women in technology, regardless of age, occupation, ethnicity or gender.” 

WiT has helped thousands of Australian women realise their ambitions, achieve their potential and gain the recognition they deserve. 

The organisation has more than 10,300 members and affiliates throughout STEM: scientists, ICT specialists, engineers, researchers, academics, and women from legal, accounting, HR and marketing backgrounds, who have a special interest in the tech’ sector. 

Enterprise members of WiT include the following QCIF Members: The University of Queensland, the Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, and The University of Southern Queensland. Other enterprise members include the Queensland Government, CSIRO, Toyota, Virgin, and Optus. 

WiT, a national organisation headquartered in Queensland, has been operating since 1997. 

Each year, WiT holds the “Women in Technology Queensland Awards”, also known as the WiT Awards. The WiT Awards recognises the incredible talents, outstanding achievements and the impact of every-day contributions made by change-making Queensland women in STEM who are creating or positively shaping technologically driven innovations, solutions, services, research advancements, educational or community initiatives across various industries.