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QCIF hires Principal Data Scientist for Sustainable Futures portfolio

17 May 2024

QCIF is excited to announce the appointment of Dr Sebastian Lopez Marcano as our new Principal Data Scientist for QCIF’s Sustainable Futures portfolio.


In his new capacity as Principal Data Scientist, Sebastian will lead a team of data scientists and software developers to operate and develop platforms such as EcoCommons and the Wildlife Observatory of Australia, focusing on developing cutting-edge digital research infrastructure capabilities in conservation, climate and diversity as part of QCIF’s Sustainable Futures portfolio.


Sebastian brings with him a wealth of experience in data science applied to environmental monitoring. In his previous role, he led and developed Griffith University’s FishID, an innovative Australian Research Data Commons platform enabling aquatic researchers to identify, count, and size aquatic flora and fauna from digital imagery.


Dr Dominique (Dom) Gorse, Director of QCIF Data Science, said Sebastian’s extensive background in data science for environmental applications will significantly enhance QCIF’s impact in agriculture, climate and environment.


“We are very excited to have Sebastian join our team and lead QCIF’s strategic vision on the Sustainable Future’s portfolio.”


“As QCIF expands to new research domains, having Sebastian’s expertise in AI, computer vision and data analytics for AGTech and environmental conservation will be invaluable to pursue new projects and initiatives that are in line with those topics. These are exciting times for QCIF.”


Sustainable Futures is a new portfolio within QCIF Data Science that brings together expertise in platform development, large scale data management, and data analytics, in support of research and societal impact in agriculture, environmental science, biodiversity and sustainable urban design.


 QCIF’s CEO, Sach Jayasinghe, mentioned that Sebastian’s appointment also highlights the importance of multidisciplinary efforts for success.


“Sustainable Futures will optimise delivery of digital research infrastructure in close partnership with our NCRIS colleagues and leveraging pioneering work of our leading researchers in agriculture, conservation and biodiversity.“

“Sebastian’s experience and expertise is aligned to those efforts, and we look forward celebrating his contributions in due course."

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