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Sach Jayasinghe

QCIF has released its Strategic Plan for 2023–2025, reiterating a focus on our Members. Together with our partners, QCIF looks to align our efforts with Member research priorities and emerging industry sectors to maximise research excellence, translation and societal impact.  

QCIF CEO Sach Jayasinghe said recent debates around the impact of AI has highlighted the rapid evolution of technology. “Our mission is to ensure we remain cutting-edge and provide the latest digital capabilities to QCIF’s end-users, both in terms of research projects and skills development. We won’t do this alone. QCIF will nurture productive partnerships within Queensland and across Australia,” said Sach. 

Our Strategic Plan captures three core objectives to be enabled by specific strategies: 

  • Acquire, facilitate access to, develop, and manage world-class digital research infrastructure capabilities; 
  • Ensure operational sustainability with capacity for strategic investment; and 
  • Enhance business operations to derive efficiencies and minimise company risks. 

Some of our new strategies include developing new capabilities and sector applications where we see new opportunities, such as in Agriculture, Defence, and the Humanities and Social Sciences. In parallel, a new funding model will be developed and deployed that allows for strategic investment, which will be pivotal to building capacity for leveraging the aforementioned opportunities.  

In the spirit of “Team Queensland”, we will look to facilitate access to Member-based digital research infrastructure capabilities, which we began doing last year with institutional high-performance computers. We will identify other capabilities within our Members that could be shared.  

We will continue to monitor the emerging needs of our Members and add to our research skills training program where required.  

We will continue to proactively pursue external project funding and engage with our Members and partners to leverage competitive grant opportunities. Similarly, we will look to work with industry and governments to help realise commercial or public-good solutions.  

“The foundation of our strategy is the talented people within QCIF,” said Sach. “Consistent with my broader advocacy for recognising and developing the national research infrastructure workforce, our plan includes initiatives to provide paths for career advancement and to build a pipeline of emerging talent. QCIF’s success is entirely dependent on our teams.” 

Please visit our website for more information about our Strategic Plan.