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Gadi supercomputer


The call for time on Australia’s largest supercomputers is now open. 

Researchers have until 4pm (AEST), Monday, 26 October 2020 to apply via the National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme (NCMAS 2021) to gain time on national supercomputers next year.

NCMAS is the premier allocation scheme for meritorious access to supercomputing facilities for researchers at Australian universities and publicly-funded research agencies.

The 2021 round will provide more than 350 million service units of computing time across four facilities: NCI Australia’s GadiPawsey Supercomputing Centre’s Magnus, The University of Queensland’s FlashLite, and The Multi-modal Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualisation Environment (MASSIVE).

In the upcoming round, NCMAS will be participating in the Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador’s National Trial of Anonymising Grant Proposals. 

This study will examine the effects of anonymised review in assessment of funding and resource proposals in reducing unconscious gender bias in grant proposals. 

This research project will provide important data on the effectiveness of anonymising proposals to improve equity. The results will provide a strong evidence base to inform government and the STEM sector to take action on processes that are more equitable in future.

The primary portal for NCMAS applications and all associated information – including information about how to apply, eligibility, important dates, changes to the application process and frequently asked questions – is

This portal has been updated from previous years and makes it easier to enter and submit all the required documents and information.

QCIF webinars

NCMAS facilities overview and who should apply
Tuesday, 6 October, 1pm–2pm (AEST)

QCIF eResearch Analyst Dr Marlies Hankel will go through the facilities available through NCMAS, who should apply and other options available.

This is intended mainly for those who do not have a current NCMAS project or those who would like to gain an overview of what is available outside their local resources. 

Attendees will also learn what workloads are suitable and what previous experience is required.

Please register

NCMAS process and application 2021
Wednesday, 7 October 10am–12pm (AEST)

QCIF eResearch Analyst Dr Marlies Hankel will go through the process behind NCMAS and what happens once your application is submitted. 

She will then go through the actual application form, which is new for this round. 

Please register

QCIF’s share of time on NCI supercomputer

QCIF has a share of time on Gadi, the most powerful supercomputer in the southern hemisphere, for researchers at its member universities, including UQ, QUT, Griffith, USQ, CQU and JCU.

Applications are accepted all year round. This scheme is particularly suited to early career researchers and those without a substantive HPC track record. It is also suited to researchers and research groups who intend to apply for an allocation under NCMAS to gain experience of using Gadi before applying.

If you wish to apply for QCIF’s share, please contact QCIF eResearch Analyst Dr Marlies Hankel in the first instance. She will instruct you in how to fill in the form and ascertain whether your workload is suited to Gadi or not. Also contact Marlies if you would like to know more about Gadi:

Gadi, based at NCI Australia, is currently at position 24 on the TOP500 list, a global ranking of supercomputers released at the ISC High Performance Digital Conference.