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Global survey for life science training instructors

26 February 2021

Workshops, bootcamps and short courses are important ways professionals in the life sciences update their skills. If you have instructed life scientists using these types of training, please participate in the first-ever global survey about this role. 

The 20-minute survey by the LifeSciTrainers community is available in several languages and will be open until Saturday, 20 March 2021. 

If you deliver short-format training to life scientists then you are a LifeSciTrainer!

QCIF is an active member of the LifeSciTrainers community, a group of more than 370 members who deliver training that empowers life scientists. 

LifeSciTrainers is currently working to better understand the needs and practices of life science trainers across the globe and is seeking their input in its global survey. 

LifeSciTrainers hopes to identify common challenges, needs and opportunities to improve the work. It also wants to formalise the role of trainers in its community, highlight the important role they play and understand how supporting them can accelerate progress in the scientific field. 

If you are a trainer, you are invited to take the survey and join the LifeSciTrainers community (Slack invitation). Please also share the survey!

If you are a life scientist, consider sharing this article with an instructor from a workshop or short course you have benefited from.

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