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A Royal Australian Air Force fighter jet. (Photo: John Torcasio, Unsplash.)


The Department of Defence has subscribed to QCIF-managed ReDBox (Research Data Box). This is the first time ReDBox 2.0, an online research data management platform, will be used outside of a university.

The Defence research environment is unique in Australia. Defence science and technology researchers generate and use incredibly large and diverse data sets through their work with collaborators across the Defence Force, universities, other research organisations and industry. 

The data may be structured or unstructured, generated by trials in multiple remote sites or made available through international agreements. 

In all cases, Defence research data must be managed in accordance with complex security classification and handling requirements. 

As Defence heads towards full deployment of a dedicated secure high-performance computing capability in mid-2021, growth in this multi-faceted, big research data landscape is poised to accelerate even further.

Defence has commissioned QCIF to create a centralised, self-managed system for research data set management by using the ReDBox 2.0 platform hosted on Defence’s research compute infrastructure. Work began on the project on 11 May 2020.

QCIF’s Software Solutions team is providing Defence with software engineering skills and resources and providing a consultancy role for advice on installation, operations and configuration.

The team is assisting Defence to install two on-premise instances of ReDBox 2.0 in Edinburgh, South Australia.

The team will also provide Defence with ongoing technical expertise to manage and support the platform.

Defence will be responsible for administration of users and content, including migration and import of current external research metadata into its ReDBox 2.0 instances, with QCIF support. Defence will also be responsible for the daily operation of the platform, including maintenance activities.

Andrew Brazzatti, ReDBox 2.0’s lead developer, has worked with a Defence software developer onsite at the department’s Adelaide offices. 

“The roll-out has been progressing well. Defence has some different challenges to some of our previous roll-outs, which I believe will help to further make ReDBox a more well-rounded product.” said Andrew. 

Troy Lockett, QCIF’s Business Development and Communications Manager, said QCIF is pleased to support Defence in deploying a research data management platform that will help support defence research into the future.

“Having Defence involved in the ReDBox community will help to enhance the platform and support the evolution of the platform for years to come.” he said.