Established in 2000, the QCIF membership currently comprises six of the Queensland public universities as full members, and one as associate member:

the-university-of-queensland-australia     The University of Queensland

queensland-university-of-technology      The Queensland University of Technology

griffith-university        Griffith University

james-cook-university-australia          James Cook University

cq-university-thumb                Central Queensland University

usq homepage       The University of Southern Queensland

thumb-university-of-the-sunshine-coast-queensland-australia            Associate member: The University of the Sunshine Coast



For Industry

QCIF Industry Innovation Program

QCIF straddles the business and research worlds creating opportunities for accelerating innovation. Our industry innovation program fosters and develops computationally-based projects between industry, government and member universities. The collaborative projects bring together university member research and computational expertise, and industry domain experience, to address complex challenges.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Applications where government and business can immediate rapid benefit from large-scale computation, data management, analysis and visualisation
  • Research teams to collaborate with government and business identifying opportunities and scoping the application of their research
  • New research initiated as a result of issues identified during R&D projects conducted for industry and government
  • Research transitioned to commercial and government utilisation through QCIF experience and “foundry” processes
  • QCIF R&D project management and software engineering skills to adapt research into profitable applications where necessary
  • Government and industry recruitment of graduates with the skills to take prototypes of advanced applications into production

The innovation program is aimed at all types of businesses from Small Medium Enterprises through to large mutli-nationals. QCIF may provide some seed funding and can help identify funding sources to leverage business investment in the program.
For more information regarding the program please contact:

Dr Phil Gurney

QCIF Chief Executive Officer

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mob: +61 4 2869 8133

Ph: +617 3365 7274


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For the use of HPC infrastructure, including the National Computational Infrastructure

High performance computing facilities are located at each of the QCIF member partners. If you are a staff member or student at UQ, QUT, Griffith, JCU, CQU or USQ, please contact your institution's HPC/eResearch department initially:


National Computational Infrastructure

Get an account on the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)


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Get an account on the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)

QCIF holds a share of the NCI facility. This entitles QCIF members to access time on the Raijin supercomputer at the NCI and use about 3.4 million service units annually (SU, a service unit, is approximately one CPU hour). Queensland researchers can use Raijin at NCI either by applying directly to NCI for an allocation of time under the NCMAS scheme (a merit allocation scheme) or by applying for an allocation from QCIF’s partner share.

Please apply for QCIF's share via the application form on the QRIScloud portal. (Please note: if you are a first-time user of the portal, you will be asked to create an account before you can create the request).