QERN (the QCIF Early Research Node) is a 400TB/300 CPU core system being built by QCIF to prototype two key federal government initiatives, NeCTAR and ReDS (RDSI).  NeCTAR provides servers to researchers; RDSI provides researchers with data storage and management mechanisms. QERN is being built by QCIF to enable the Queensland research community and QCIF member universities to gain experience in using and managing Research Cloud services (NeCTAR), and RDSI services, before the official release of these services. 

Key project deliverables;

  • Train QCloud Team for running the infrastructure required for the research cloud
  • Establish an RDSI-like and NeCTAR-like Cloud for early adopters to explore
  • Help Queensland researchers migrate to cloud environments

The service is expected to be available to early adopters by the end of May 2012.

If you are a Queensland researcher interested in getting your project on QERN, please contact Graham Chen.

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