NeCTAR offers eResearch infrastructure in four key areas:

  • Research Cloud
  • Virtual Laboratories
  • eResearch Tools
  • A secure and robust hosting service – the National Servers Program

The research cloud is a computing resource for all Australian researchers. If offers virtual machines where researchers can develop and deploy applications and collaborate in a uniform environment with controlled sharing of data.

Get service

To apply for research cloud access now, e.g. to set up and run a virtual machine, researchers should log in and complete an allocation request via the NeCTAR Dashboard.

NeCTAR provide user guides and support for users here.

Users who require a customised set up, or who fail to get access to the research cloud through the dashboard, are welcome to apply to QCIF directly for an allocation. We are happy to discuss your requirements.

QRIScloud – Virtual machines / research cloud explained

The NeCTAR component of QRIScloud will eventually become a national centre for new information-centric research capabilities. It will significantly simplify the combining of data, computing, and analysis applications, and enable the development of research workflows based on access to multiple resources. The research cloud will provide an open, robust and scalable platform for researchers to deploy, share and manage their research applications.  Building from current data-intensive computing for genomics, and for the ecology research and characterisation communities, QRIScloud will support NeCTAR Virtual Laboratories and Research Tools in these areas.  It will extend the application of its expertise to other fields to develop and support cross-institution and cross-disciplinary collaboration, providing access to applications and facilities for data-intensive “connected researchers” in a broad range of disciplines.
Getting a VM– the process (non-standard)

  • Researcher logs in to the NeCTAR dashboard and fills in an allocation request. QCIF’s team of eResearch Analysts can help you complete your application. Your application will be emailed to NeCTAR for initial assessment.
  • See the NeCTAR pages for what happens next.

Not sure if the cloud is for you? Talk to QCIF’s team of eResearch Analysts about how the cloud can help you with your research.

QCIF will manage the node to ensure it is sustainable well beyond the life of the initial NeCTAR project.