Using the AccessGrid/SeeVogh Bridge

It is possible to use SeeVogh to specialised Access Grid Virtual Venues (Emu, Kangaroo and Platypus).

To join these specialised Access Grid Virtual Venues, simply click on one of the following links below.  This will trigger a SeeVogh process for connection:

Using the Bridge from Access Grid

In the "Access Grid Venue Client", from the APAG lobby (, navigate to the AG-EVO@AU Bridge Lobby and enter the desired bridge venue.

seevogh file screenshot

Caveats (as at 15/10/2012)

  • Access Grid users should use AGTK version 3.2 or higher and have HD/H.264 node services (particularly video consumers) in use.
  • Access Grid users should set their transmitted video to use either H.261 or H.264 (this may be problematic), as MPEG4 encoding streams cannot be seen by SeeVogh users.
  • Desk Share (SeeVogh) can be seen by both AG and EVO users;
  • VPCScreen (when using H.261AS encoding) can only be seen by Access Grid users.

Feel free to provide feedback on this functionality to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.