Video Collaboration

At the heart of the global eResearch initiative is the need for enhanced collaboration. Researchers in different geographical regions need to be able to communicate effectively and share data in order to further their research outcomes. QCIF provides free video collaboration systems for researchers throughout Australia.


For large scale group video conferencing we recommend the AccessGrid service. AccessGrid video conference rooms are located at most Australian universities. The AccessGrid group collaboration service allows large-scale communication among dispersed groups requiring more advanced audio/video capabilities. These solutions provide researchers the ability to interact in an environment that facilitates teamwork and culminates in world-class research.

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Video conferencing etiquette

It is also suggested that users have a read of Video Conferencing Etiquette.

The effectiveness of video conferencing can be influenced by many factors, one of which is the way participants interact with each other and the technology during collaboration. Certain behaviours during a video conference can be distracting to a speaker or other participants. First time users often are unaware of this.

This etiquette guide provides tips and other useful information to participants of video sessions to ensure greater conferencing experiences.