Cloud Computing Enables Genomics Researchers To Devote More Time And Resources To Research

Thom Cuddihy (left), a QCIF/RCC bioinformatician and software developer, demonstrates the cloud compute environment to Microbial Genomics Lab student Budi Permana. (Photo: Rhys White, Beatson Lab.)The University of Queensland’s Microbial Genomics Lab is increasingly using QCIF and RCC-managed cloud computing resources in a bid to reduce time and financial constraints.

The lab, in UQ’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, is using cloud computing for a range of ARC and NHMRC-funded projects that use genomics to investigate multi-drug resistant superbugs. The custom-built compute infrastructure will also support rapid investigation of healthcare-associated bacterial outbreaks through a recently announced Queensland Genomics Health Alliance project.

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QRIScloud-Powered App To Increase Profitability Of Australia’s Cattle Industry

Dave SwainRunning a cattle farm in northern Australia is challenging. The harsh environmental conditions, vast geographical expanse and remoteness can make it tough for farmers to return a good profit on their stock.

Over the years, beef producers in the region have realised the key to profitability is cattle fertility rates and the genetic hardiness of their stock.

With a small team of researchers, CQUniversity Professor of Agriculture Dave Swain has invented and developed ground-breaking new animal monitoring systems that link biology with technology, combining automated livestock management hardware, such as weighing systems, with cutting-edge software so that beef producers have a precise understanding of individual animal performance.

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USQ Researchers Tackle Australian Agriculture’s Weed Problem

A sprayer using dye to test the accuracy of USQ’s weed maps. (Image: Centre for Agricultural Engineering, USQ.)University of Southern Queensland researchers are using drones to map farms to help form a more targeted, lower-cost and environmentally-friendly approach to eliminating weeds. Large volumes of aerial imagery and drone data being collected by the USQ team are stored and managed on QCIF’s QRIScloud, a cloud computing service for Queensland researchers.

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CQU Data Tool Eases “Mango Madness”

A CQUniversity-developed data tool is helping Australian mango growers determine a number of harvesting factors ahead of time: crop size, when to pick, and how many labourers to hire and cartons to purchase.

FruitMaps, developed by Professor Kerry Walsh and postdoctoral research fellow Zhenglin Wang, takes real-time data from multiple sources and displays them visually to provide a simple, free, online decision support tool adapted for use by farmers to assess fruit maturity and assist harvesting planning. The data collections that underpin the tool, which is in its pilot stage, are stored on QRIScloud, QCIF’s cloud computing service.

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