New ecoEd Champions minted for Australia

The QCIF-led Ecoscience Research Data Cloud and Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory project has started 2019 on a high note with eight new champions fully trained and ready to help ecoEd and ecocloud users nationwide.

The ecoEd Champions join a network of other selected professionals who have received extensive training in applying scientific background in the suite of tools in ecocloud, an online platform for the ecoscience community for exploring and analysing spatial biological and environmental data in NCRIS-funded platforms.
ecoEd and ecocloud partners provide training material accessible online through the ecoEd website, and participate in delivering training to ecoEd Champions. These partners include:

ecoEd provides the champions with all the ready-to-use materials and knowledge required so they can confidently re-deliver the teaching program in their own institutions.
The eight new champions received training in Canberra from 11–13 December 2018. The three training days included an intensive program during which the champions were introduced to the concepts behind biological and environmental data access, management, visualisation and analysis.
The new ecoEd Champions include:

  • Associate Professor Bertram Ostendorf, University of Adelaide
  • Associate Professor Pieter Poot, University of Western Australia
  • Associate Professor Matthew Hayward, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Vanessa Adams, University of Tasmania
  • Dr Matthew Brookhouse, Australian National University
  • Nano Langenheim, University of Melbourne
  • Kyle Hemming (PhD candidate), University of Canberra
  • Tom Barrett, NSW Office of Environment & Heritage. 

The first cohort of eight ecoEd Champions were trained in June 2017 and included PhD candidate Christina Zdenek from The University of Queensland.
QCIF hopes to add more Queensland champions in the next round of ecoEd training in mid to late 2019.
All ecoEd materials are downloadable and openly available for reuse. The materials currently include lectures and workshop handouts on topics such as biodiversity data quality, Australian ecological data, and species distributions and climate change.
Associate Professor Bertram Ostendorf uses the material in his own teaching courses. “The clarity of the ecoEd lectures is fantastic,” he said. “They are well-structured and easy to understand and integrate in lectures. The selection of the content and the consistency of the detail is great and not biased by individual interests, which makes it a good set of baseline material for anyone to use.”
Associate Professor Pieter Poot said: “Even for someone without a lot of GIS experience, the tools are easy to use and I will certainly use some of the ecoEd modules in my teaching.”
If you are interested in becoming an ecoEd Champion, please contact Chantal Huijbers: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
This is an edited version of a BCCVL blog post, published 17 January 2019, by Chantal Huijbers.