Leveraging ecocloud to benefit HASS researchers

What do ecoscience and HASS (humanities and social sciences) researchers have in common? For one thing, they share the structure of a Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory and Research Data Cloud (DEVL/RDC).

The team behind HASS DEVL/RDC Tinker cleverly cloned the workbench framework of ecocloud, ecosciences’ DEVL/RDC.
Tinker and ecocloud provide an online ‘storefront’ to reusable research data and existing and new digital tools and services.
Both are outcomes of projects partially funded by the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) in 2018, with continuity funding granted for 2019.
Through close proximity of the collaborative teams at Griffith University’s eResearch Centre, it became evident upon demonstration of ecocloud that there was an opportunity to leverage its framework to establish the Tinker workbench, saving time, resources and budget.
The ecocloud workbench was customised by the Tinker team to suit the needs of HASS researchers, including a Jupyter Python Notebook for the HASS domain, and a data explorer with HASS-related data.
Like ecocloud, Tinker incorporates a public-facing website (hosted on WordPress) and a back-end programming environment, maintained by Griffith’s eResearch Centre.
The Tinker and ecocloud teams will discuss their collaboration in a webinar on Monday, 18 March, 12:30pm–2pm (AEST) titled: “Adopt, adapt, reuse: sharing and reusing outputs from ARDC funded domain projects.”
The webinar aims to provide a platform for the funded DEVL/RDC projects to show each other their outputs and reuse potential (more information and registration.)
This article is an edited version of an ARDC blog posted 31 January 2019.