QCIF at eResearch Australasia 2018

Thank you to all those who visited QCIF’s exhibition booth at the eResearch Australasia conference this year between 16–19 October in Melbourne.

La Trobe University computer science researcher Murtadha AL-Sharuee was the happy winner of our door prize competition, which involved guessing the total memory, in gigabytes, of all the defunct data storage devices (e.g. USBs, solid-state disks and mini disks) we had in a big mason jar.
Mr AL-Sharuee’s guess of 1133 GBs was the closest to the actual answer of 1140 GBs. He won a gift pack from a Brisbane boutique confectioner for his efforts.
A handful of QCIF and QFAB staff gave talks and workshops at the conference.
QFAB Head of Computational Biology Dr Gareth Price supported a pre-conference workshop exploring the architecture of Galaxy Australia, a bioinformatics analysis platform. Simon Gladman of Melbourne Bioinformatics led the workshop with Dr Price’s assistance.
Dr Price also presented a paper during the conference on Galaxy Australia. The paper was co-authored by QCIF, UQ Research Computing Centre and Melbourne Bioinformatics staff. 
QCIF’s former Data Innovation Services Manager, Gavin Kennedy, who took up a position with AARnet shortly after the conference, co-led a ReDBox workshop with Peter Sefton of the University of Technology Sydney. The pair previewed the new ReDBox 2 research data management platform.
QCIF Program Manager Dr Jeff Christiansen presented a multi-authored paper about a cloud-based system for environmental metagenomics data. He also contributed to a Birds of a Feather session on sensitive data.
QCIF’s Griffith University-based eResearch Analyst, Amanda Miotto, co-presented a paper with UQ researcher Dr Jo Pauls about the OpenHeart Project, an open source community designing heart pumps. Their presentation is available on Google Docs, and an editorial about the project was recently published in the Artificial Organs journal.

QCIF CEO Dr Phil Gurney, along with staff members Dr Nigel Ward and Gavin Kennedy, acted as session chairs at various stages of the conference.

Next year’s eResearch Australasia conference will be held in Brisbane, 21–25 October 2019.

Back L–R: Gavin Kennedy, QCIF’s former Data Innovation Services Manager, Oliver Cairncross from UQ's Research Computing Centre, and QFAB Head of Computational Biology Dr Gareth Price manning the QCIF exhibition booth at eResearch Australasia 2018.