Valentine Murigneux joins QFAB 

QFAB Bioinformatics has hired its first joint appointment with The University of Queensland.

Valentine Murigneux has joined the QFAB team and UQ Genomics Innovation Hub as a bioinformatician with a particular interest in long-read sequencing analysis.
“Long-read sequencing is particularly suited for complex genomics research, especially for sequencing highly homologous regions or large rearrangements within genomes and for de novo sequencing of non-model species. Valentine’s know-how in the analysis of such data will help support researchers looking for a unique or innovative approach to their research goals,” said Dr Gareth Price, QFAB’s Head of Computational Biology.
“The joint appointment of Valentine is an exciting step for QCIF as it represents a natural evolution of support for our members, placing QFAB skills at the core of each university’s needs. It is a model that QCIF wishes to replicate beyond UQ.”
Valentine previously worked at the UQ Diamantina Institute as its core bioinformatician, conducting next-generation sequencing data analysis in collaboration with clinical and wet-lab researchers.
She holds a Master of Engineering in Bioinformatics and Modelling from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, France.

Valentine Murigneux