QCIF attends eResearch NZ

QCIF’s Outreach and Engineering Manager and QCIF’s Manager of National User Support (a Nectar-funded position), headed to the land of the long white (research) cloud last month to attend the eResearch New Zealand conference in Queenstown.

Gavin Kennedy, QCIF’s Outreach and Engineering Manager, presented a talk alongside Dr Peter Sefton, from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), about the latest advances in ReDBox in support of the research data lifecycle.

“We presented our extensions to ReDBox to support customisable data management planning, integration with the UTS-developed provisioning framework, and how ReDBox provides its research data discovery services,” said Gavin. 

“The New Zealand audience was fantastic, they were very interested in the ReDBox platform and we hope to commence collaborations with some New Zealand institutions soon.” 

Jo Morris, Nectar's National User Support Manager, presented alongside Nectar Deputy Director Dr Paul Coddington on the Australian experience in running and supporting a federated national research cloud and discussed opportunities for New Zealand institutions to participate in the Nectar cloud and support services.  

“It was a very worthwhile conference to attend from Nectar’s perspective and a great forum to learn about the New Zealand eResearch developments,” said Jo.

“Nectar has been working with New Zealand colleagues and the REANNZ Tuakiri Federation [NZ’s national research and education network] in joining Auckland University to the Nectar Research Cloud. Other New Zealand institutions are interested in joining the Nectar cloud and also using the virtual labs that Nectar supports.”

Gavin Kennedy at eResearch NZ 2018