QCIF welcomes ODI Australian Network’s new CEO

QCIF collaborator Open Data Institute Australian Network has secured Scott Waters as its new CEO.

Scott was previously General Manager of Regional Development and Aviation at the Rockhampton Regional Council, and prior to that, CEO of the Whitsunday Regional Council.

QCIF welcomes Scott and looks forward to working with him on open data projects, both locally and nationally.

Outgoing founding CEO Maree Adshead has been a strong supporter of QCIF, and a driving force in the growing relationship between the open data and research data communities. Maree will remain on the board of the ODI Australian Network.

The role of ODI Australian Network’s CEO is focused upon providing a platform for government, research and private sectors to connect, equip, inspire and innovate through the use of data. This is evident through ODI’s relationship with the Queensland state government in developing the whole of Government Open Data Policy.

Currently, QCIF is partnering with the ODI Australian Network and the Queensland Government to develop Data Curator, a desktop CSV data file editor to help data custodians.

Data Curator enables data custodians to describe, validate and share usable open data, helps data publishers to validate and quality control data and helps data consumers interpret and use published open data.

Gavin Kennedy, QCIF’s Manager of Outreach and Engineering Services, said Data Curator is a “great tool” for researchers. “It provides a simple way to clean up CSV files and describe their contents for sharing with others.”

QCIF and ODI Australian Network will announce more information about Data Curator upon its official release in the coming weeks. 

Scott Waters and Maree Adshead.