Making your QRIScloud data collection even easier to access

Managing data collections stored on QRIScloud has become even easier with recent upgrades for Object Storage and Nextcloud access.

Collection storage can now be configured so it is available as Object Storage using Swift or S3, making it easier for users to access from compute platforms.

To make the change to Object Storage, the collection custodian simply has to turn on Object Storage access for their collection from within the QRIScloud portal:

  1. Log in to the QRIScloud portal
  2. Go to “My Services”
  3. Click on the collection that needs to be enabled
  4. Follow the instructions under “Object Storage”.

The new Object Storage service allows data to be more widely accessible from a range of compute environments, and, in particular, Nectar virtual machine instances.

Collections can also be configured for automatic availability via QRIScloud’s Nextcloud service, making it easier for users to manage access.

The collection custodian simply has to turn on Nextcloud access for their collection from within the QRIScloud portal. Follow the steps above, except at the 4th step, follow the instructions under “Nextcloud”.

Until recently, each user wanting to access a collection via Nextcloud needed to configure an external storage connection within their account preferences. This configuration is no longer required, and instead, the custodian can choose to share their collection via Nextcloud. This will make the collection automatically available through Nextcloud to all users who have access to the collection.

Once the change is made, users who have configured external storage connections to the collection can remove them from within their Nextcloud configuration.

Please visit the QCIF website for more information about Nextcloud.

If you require assistance to make any of the above changes, please contact the QRIScloud Help Desk: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..