Nectar and QRIScloud’s new shared filesystem service for virtual machines 

Nectar has a new shared filesystem service for virtual machines that is available to QRIScloud users.

The Nectar shared filesystem is powered by the Manila OpenStack project. Manila provides a simple interface for managing shared filesystems that hides the underlying infrastructure for configuring and running them.

The Nectar shared filesystem service allows you to use either the Manila APIs or the Nectar dashboard to manage your shared filesystems. You can create and remove fileshares, control access to instances, and manage snapshots of the filesystems.

The service allows a filesystem to be simultaneously shared to multiple virtual machine instances within a project, hence making data immediately accessible across all instances that it is shared with. This service sets it apart from volume storage, which can only be attached to a single instance at any point in time.

Access to the Nectar shared filesystem service is governed by its own type of quota, which you must apply for, through an allocation request form (either as part of a new request or by amending an existing request). Please see the Nectar website for more information

Please contact the QRIScloud Help Desk if you have any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..