Hacky Hour starts at QUT

QUT now has its own weekly Hacky Hour to help its research staff and students with research-related IT problems.

QUT’s Hacky Hour will occur most Tuesdays, 2pm–3pm, on the Gardens Point campus. It is currently being held at The Pantry café at 2 George St.

Join the table with the Hacky Hour sign at The Pantry and receive help with high performance computing (HPC), cloud computing, general programming, data processing, data storage and data management.

Hacky Hour is free, informal and any QUT research staff or research students are welcome to drop in for advice.

QCIF’s QUT-based eResearch Analysts, David Warne and Jason D’Netto of the university’s HPC and Advanced Research Computing support group, will serve as the regular IT experts at QUT’s Hacky Hour. 

Jason’s expertise is in cloud computing, GIS, code optimisation, general programming and specialised computation devices.

David’s expertise is in HPC, parallel computing, code optimisation, scientific workflows, general programming, mathematical modelling, computational mathematics and statistics.

“People can ask us anything about IT in research,” said David. “If we can't answer the question we will redirect to those who likely can.” 

David and Jason are happy to be joined by other IT experts at Hacky Hour. For example, anyone with lots of experience in Python, R or Git is most welcome to join the meetup. 

Through David and Jason’s initiative, QUT’s first Hacky Hour occurred on Tuesday, 24 October. Four researchers were helped (two from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, one from Economics and Finance, and one from Statistical Sciences) with their queries about Nectar cloud computing, R, Monte Carlo, statistics, and Google Maps’ API.

In Queensland, QUT joins UQ, Griffith and JCU in hosting a regular Hacky Hour. Information about each is available on QCIF's Hacky Hour webpage.

Check Twitter for updates (Twitter handles are on the Hacky Hour webpage) as occasionally a Hacky Hour is cancelled for a particular week when the regular IT experts are unavailable.

Also check Twitter in case the QUT Hacky Hour day, time or venue changes in the future (@GPHackyHour). David is open to revising these details if an alternative proves more convenient for researchers.

For more information about QUT’s Hacky Hour, please contact either David Warne (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Jason D’Netto (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).