QCIF welcomes new addition to its board of directors

The last month has brought a few changes to QCIF's board of directors.

Roy Pidgeon has replaced Prof. Grant Stanley as CQUniversity's representative on the board, and Prof. Stuart Crozier has stepped down as UQ's representative with a replacement yet to be announced.

Mr Pidgeon is Chief Information and Digital Officer at CQUniversity. His responsibilities include delivering business and technical solutions for the whole of the university's activities in learning, teaching, research and corporate functions.

QCIF CEO Dr Phil Gurney thanked Prof. Crozier and Prof. Stanley for their contribution to QCIF, and welcomed Mr Pidgeon to the board. "Roy has a wealth of experience in innovation culture and in improving customer engagement, service delivery, governance and management of technology applications and solutions. We look forward to working with him," he said.

QCIF expects to announce Prof. Crozier's replacement soon.