Feedback welcomed on best data practices in life sciences paper

QCIF/RCC’s Dr Jeff Christiansen and fellow co-authors are calling for comment from the scientific community on their draft paper titled ‘Best Practice Data Life Cycle Approaches for the Life Sciences.’

The paper has 27 authors, including Dr Christiansen (pictured), Program Manager of NCRIS-funded Health and Life Sciences Data Projects.

“The publishing methodology for this particular manuscript is a bit unusual compared to the traditional publishing model as in the spirit of open science, the manuscript isn’t yet peer reviewed or actually published, but the preprint is”, said Dr Christiansen. “The advantage of this approach is to make the information available immediately to the community and invite comments on the draft manuscript.”

The manuscript is featured on BioRxiv (pronounced "bio-archive"), a preprint server for biology operated by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York State, U.S.. Those who wish to comment on the draft can do so here.