QCIF trials object storage access for QRIScloud data collections

Due to popular demand, QCIF is currently trialling an object storage interface for QRIScloud data collections with a small number of researchers and research groups.

Object storage enables data to be read from any internet-connected device. It is designed for data that is read often, but generally does not change. (Read more about object storage on the Nectar website.)

QCIF has deployed a new interface onto data storage fabric MeDiCI allowing access to QRIScloud’s data collection storage using the Swift object storage API in conjunction with existing standard access mechanisms. This increased flexibility allows researchers to select the most appropriate way to access their data collection for their respective workflows.

QCIF intends to make this new service available to all QRIScloud users in September 2017, following the trial period.

Please note in order to use this new service, your data collection needs to be available through MeDiCI. To check whether your collection is MeDiCI-enabled or not, or to register your interest in using this new service, please contact the QRIScloud Help Desk: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..