RAiDs to be added to QRIScloud data collections

QCIF has extended the metadata attributes that can be recorded for data collections stored within QRIScloud to include Research Activity Identifiers (RAiDs).

RAiDs are a valuable addition to the metadata attributes. They provide a persistent identifier to connect researchers, institutions, outputs and grants tied with a research project, as well as the tools and services used.

The use of RAiDs enables traceability and oversight across the whole research activity and makes reporting and data provenance clear and easy for researchers, potential funders, publishers, and anyone else involved in the research process.

Having a RAiD for your research project does not influence whether a project and its data are considered open.

Researchers requesting a new QRIScloud storage allocation for a data collection can supply the associated RAiDs in their request so they can be included in the metadata for the collection.

Over the next few months, QCIF will be engaging with custodians of existing QRIScloud data collections to retrospectively apply RAiDs.

Any questions, please contact the QRIScloud Help Desk: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..