Pre-packaged applications on the Nectar Research Cloud

Nectar recently announced its Application Catalogue, releasing a number of new applications to all Research Cloud users through the Nectar dashboard.

Applications available include R-Studio for statistical computing and graphics, Drupal for content management, Bio-Linux 8 – a bioinformatics workstation platform, and Lime Survey for developing and administering surveys.

QCIF contributed a number of the available applications, including:

  • LAMP
  • LAMP base
  • Lime Survey
  • Wordpress
  • BioLinux
  • Bioconda
  • CKAN
  • Drupal
  • Duply Backups.

The Nectar Application Catalogue is powered by the Murano OpenStack project and provides a simple interface for deploying pre-packaged, cloud-ready applications.

Visit 'Research Cloud applications' in the QRISmarketplace to access the applications.