Australia and NZ sign research agreement

Australia and New Zealand signed an agreement on Friday, 17 February to share research assets.

The Australia – New Zealand Science, Research and Innovation Cooperation Agreement is aimed at delivering important collaboration on both sides of the Tasman.

One aspect of the agreement is that New Zealand will consult with Australia on the development of the latter’s National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, including identification of potential collaborations.

RDS Director, Ian Duncan, said the agreement represented a welcome change in the way the two countries share research assets. “It will enable RDS and other Australian research capabilities to widen our research infrastructure community and reciprocally leverage New Zealand hardware, software, and peopleware for the benefit of our researchers.”

Rob Cook, QCIF CEO and Chair of Australasian eResearch Organisations (AeRO), noted that AeRO has been stimulating eResearch collaboration between Australia and New Zealand for the past several years and has NZ organisations amongst its active membership.

Read more about the Australia – New Zealand Agreement on the RDS website.